Women’s Job training centre

women training

Our job training centre empowers economically disadvantaged women to get out of poverty by training them in vocations they can do from home whilst they mind their children.

We teach:

  • Tailoring
  • Beauty therapies
  • Computers
  • English
  • Leadership skills 

We also provide small business loans so they can have a startup fund to invest in equipment.

Tailor Leaning
Tailor Leaning
Beauty therapy training
Beauty therapy training

People sometimes ask why we mostly focus on women and children.70 % of women in developing countries live in poverty. Worldwide more women have died due to bad pre-natal care in the last 50 years than all the men who died in all the three major wars of the 20th century. Women do 60% of the world’s work and own 1% of its land. Women are more likely to be trafficked, sold into the sex industry, face death or violence at the hands of a partner, be raped, be uneducated, not allowed the basic human right to decide their own life, have a child marriage, face genital mutilation or be unable to get out of poverty. 

Women and girls suffer most from poverty and have higher rates of death, malnutrition and illiteracy. Bodhicitta Foundation is making a difference in their lives and helping them gain independence, self esteem and dignity.