Bodhicitta Foundation

Bodhicitta Foundation is a grassroots Buddhist Charity working in the slums of Central India. Our focus is predominantly with women and children, as they are most statistically impacted by poverty, discrimination, and patriarchy in India.

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Our Projects

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Bodhicitta Girls’ Home

“Our girls’ home in India supports over 30 girls from disadvantaged areas, offering safety, education, and skill-building. Graduates, equipped with social work training and a degree, give back by providing 400 hours of free service, offering legal advice and job training in their villages.

Women’s Job Training

We offer three-month courses in sewing, computer-literacy, English, and beauty therapy, allowing women to learn skills they can complete while caring for children.

Slum School

Focusing on reading, writing, mathematics, and science, our study centres allow 230 children to have additional education to supplement their public schooling.

Food Centre

We make over 7,000 meals per year for children aged 5 – 8, ensuring they receive proper nutritional support during a crucial time in their development.

Community Hub and Temple

In impoverished Indian areas, youth struggle amidst limited resources and despair. Our community hub offers a safe haven for studying, escaping domestic stress, and seeking counsel. With a library, quiet areas, job resources, and counseling, we also offer meditation, conflict resolution, and spiritual retreats for interested Buddhists without seeking conversions.

How you can help us

We invite you to help the Bodhicitta Foundation in any way you can. Light a candle in the darkness and contribute to the lives of those who are less fortunate.

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Choose your value

Drive change with your own donation value. Your contribution, big or small, supports our mission to provide education, food, job training, housing, and essential care to those in need.

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Provide school books to a child for a year


Gift a child with school books to help ignite their learning and increase their chances of quality education.

Feed a child for a month


For the planet, for girl children and for communities to emerge from poverty and to reach their full human potential, education breaks the cycle of poverty and means children get to reach adulthood, avoid child marriage and child labour and discover their own identity, get a better job and gain independence before they become parents. Child sponsorship changes lives. You get the story of a child and get to know you are making a difference in the world.

Email  for more information.

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Provide a school uniform so a child can go to school


Uniforms are required for many schools in India, meaning children need them to access education and a brighter future.

Help a woman get job training


Empower women with job training in needed fields, paving the way for self-reliance and sustainability.

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Help a malnourished child get supplements and medical care


Supply a malnourished child with essential supplements, medical care, and necessary attention to increase their chance at a healthy future.

Put a roof over a single mum’s head


Donate a single mum and her family shelter and stability, furnishing a safe place to call home.

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Stories from the slums

Read about the lives we have changed

Satya’s story

Satya’s father died prematurely when he was 21. Satya had done some illegal things and when his father found out he died of shock and stress. This brought shame on the family and in the middle of Satya studying to…

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The Sounds of Bodhicitta

Immerse yourself in the divine resonance of Dakini, an musical collection by multi-instrumentalists and composers Indiajiva, and Bodhicitta’s founder, Ayya Yeshe.

This album is a harmonious journey that features Buddhist chants, prayers, and blessings – each track is a musical testament to the essence of Buddhism. Explore and connect with your spiritual energy as these sacred melodies transcend borders and invite tranquility into your body.

This album is available as a free download. Click the button below to download, or listen directly on YouTube!