Temporary ordination


We held a temporary ordination for young girls in the local area over the school holidays. Girls put on nuns robes and took 8 precepts. The girls practiced so beautifully and were like ducks to water in the nun’s life. Many of the girls said they enjoyed the peace of meditation and going to holy places and parks their parents could never afford to take them, also the social stimulation of communal life. Training future generation of Dharma Teachers and social workers should start young when minds are fresh. This whole experience was alot of hard work but deeply satisfying. It has re awakened my long held desire to start a monastery. There are many orphans and poor girls whose families cannot afford to support them who would be good candidates to become nuns. All their education and physical/spiritual/emotional needs could be met by us and when they are older they can decide if they wish to marry or take lifelong ordination. Ordination is also a chance for girls who wish to live an independent/social worker/ or scholarly life who may not be able to in the confines of an arranged marriage in poor economic conditions which would mean they struggle merely to survive.

mini nuns