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The sounds of Bodhicitta

Immerse yourself in the divine resonance of Dakini, an musical collection by multi-instrumentalists and composers Indiajiva, and Bodhicitta’s founder, Ayya Yeshe.

This album is a harmonious journey that features Buddhist chants, prayers, and blessings – each track is a musical testament to the essence of Buddhism. Explore and connect with your spiritual energy as these sacred melodies transcend borders and invite tranquility into your body.

This album is available as a free download thanks to your donation to the Bodhicitta Foundation. Click the button below to download and enjoy!


The lives your donation changes

Thank you so much for making a tax deductible donation (in Australia) to the Bodhicitta Foundation. In India, small change goes a long way, and $10 can feed 4 children.

 A story from our change makers:

“My mother abandoned me when I was 1.5 years old. My father is an alcoholic. I burned myself last year trying to cook for myself. Sometimes my father works outside and I don’t get food for days and have to ask my neighbours if they can help. I felt quite lonely at my father’s, and now, in the Girls’ Home, I have a lot more emotional support. I am very happy to be enrolled in a good school. I really enjoy helping others, and I feel a lot of warmth from the other girls and the ladies who take care of us. I feel hopeful about my future, which I never did before.” – Vidya, 12

Empowering women from slum areas and children through education, job skills, and food support is our focus.

To receive the the story of your sponsored child, or with any questions, please email