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Bodhicitta Foundations
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The Candles we Light

to brighten all corners of one’s life

Our Community Centre draws people from various backgrounds. We have sponsored the medical treatment of many slum people, so they can return to work and support their families who depend on them to survive.


Besides promoting physical wellbeing, our counselling service provides emotional and psychological support at no cost. We provide counselling for domestic violence victims, rape victims, those experiencing depression and stress.


Children from our malnourished children\’s food programme get one nourishing meal a day, along with protein supplements and nutrition drinks to malnourished children. That’s over 6000 meals a year served to children to support their growth and development!


People living in slums do not have adequate housing. They suffer ill health from cooking on coal, which is highly toxic and polluting. We have helped several families improve their homes and for others construct houses for their families.


Education is key to breaking through the poverty cycle. Unfortunately, the cost of sending children to school is often prohibitive for parents. Therefore, we sponsor children to attend school by paying for their school fees, uniforms, clothes, transport and books.

Skills Training

Our Job Training Centre empowers economically-disadvantaged people, particularly women, with classes that develop their skills so they can improve their chances at finding employment and breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.


As our charity expands we are employing women as social workers, tuition teachers and wardens which is a great opportunity for them in part-time well-paid work in an environment free of oppression and sexual harassment, which is sometimes present in a male-dominated society.


We actively advocate for human rights, equality and social justice in the community, as well as internationally. We have advocates to provide representation in court or at police station for women who would otherwise be unable to face the system on their own.


Stories from the slums

How to Light a Candle

An opportunity to make great change with great love
We invite you to light a candle of hope and opportunity to those who are in darkness. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.
Sponsor a Child
For only AU$40 a month, you can sponsor a poor child in Nagpur, India, and give this child an opportunity that could change his or her life for the better.
Building a Sanctuary
Help us raise funds to build a Bodhicitta Girls Home in Nagpur, India. It will be a place where girls can go for refuge, get an education, learn about social work and be trained to become leaders in their community. With 48% of teenage girls married before they turn 18 amongst the urban poor in India, the more girls can we empower to complete their education, the more profound the impact this will have on society.
Ethical Shopping
Buy something for yourself? We have art craft, inspiring music and a life story to share. Look for a presents? Why not give a gift that keeps on giving?


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[Donations in Australia over $2 are tax deductable]


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