Rise up Toolkit

Tool Kit

If you are able to help with the Rise up campaign, here are some tools you can use to help spread the word

Press Kit

We have put together a media kit for press release. You can download it here: Press Kit

Sample FaceBook post
Can we change the world? Yes, but we need everyone – that includes you! Rise up for girls this August 8 with @Bodhicitta Foundation and together we can become agents of change. https://tinyurl.com/q92hs5a

Sample Twitter
Join me and @bodhicittafoundation to become a champion for girls education this August, 8. https://tinyurl.com/q92hs5a

One girl with courage is a revolution. Pls donate to support girls education in developing nations  https://www.chuffed.org/project/rise-up-and-make-education-universal/


Images you can use:

RISEUP_eMailHeader RISEUP_SocialMedia_011 RISEUP_SocialMedia_012 RISEUP_SocialMedia_013

Sample Email text

Hello all!

I’m joining this amazing event called “Rise Up” organised by the Bodhicitta Foundation on 8 August from 6 – 9pm at Glebe and thought I’d send this invite to you too to see if you’d be interested to join me.

There will be short talks by inspiring speakers, chance for networking with other amazing people, food, music, and the screening of the film “Girl Rising”. If you haven’t heard of the film, check out the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJsvklXhYaE

Most importantly, this is a charity event to fundraise for the Bodhicitta Foundation to support their work with women and children in the slums of India. Check out their website for more info on the work they do: https://bodhicitta-vihara.com/legacy/

I hope you can make it!