Our focus

The candles we light to brighten all the corners of one's life.

Buddhist practice & Wellness

For those who are interested to develop their spirituality through Buddhism, we provide free Buddhist teachings, meditation guidance and retreats inside Bodhicitta Ashram and other locations. We have a chaplaincy services that attends prisons and hospitals.

To be able to pursue spiritual practice, one has to have adequate well being and health. With this reason, we have counselling service promotes emotional wellness and psychological support at no cost. We provide counselling for domestic violence victims, rape victims, those experiencing depression and stress.

Indian Buddhists often live in very crowded and oppressive conditions. To be able to come on retreat and experience spaciousness and peace can be a life-changing experience. By bringing spirituality into their lives, we have seen an increase in people’s quality of life, as they live out their lives with dignity and hope as they lift their families and communities out of oppressive poverty.

For those who wish to experience the monastic life, we have temporary ordination available. We held a 'little nuns ordination' for young women to deepen their spiritual practice and have fun. Most of the day the children would study and learn meditation and in the evenings we took them to a park or boating (which is a chance slum children seldom get).

People who live in poverty rarely travel and receive blessings at holy places. We have sponsored several Indians to visit Plum Village, the monastery of Renowned Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn, as well as to hear the teachings of His Holiness Dalai Lama.


Poor people often lack the necessary funds for medical care. Government hospitals are often understaffed and cannot cater properly to their patients, or lack proper equipment and hygienic conditions.

Our Community Centre draws people from various backgrounds. We provide referrals to health specialists, women’s refuges, and other services.

We have sponsored the medical treatment of many slum people, so they can return to work and support their families who depend on them to survive.


Food is life, so proper nutrition gives children a good chance at life, at reaching their potential and their dreams. Children from our malnourished children's food programme get one nourishing meal a day, along with protein supplements and nutrition drinks to malnourished children. That’s over 6,000 meals a year served to children to support their growth and development!


People living in slums do not have adequate housing. Some even lives in a 3-4 sq metre shack made from tin roof and wall made from wooden packing crates with little protection from 47c heat, mosquito and rain. Many of the houses have no access to electricity, clean water and toilet. They suffer ill health from cooking on coal, which is highly toxic and polluting.

We have helped several families improve their homes and for others construct houses for their families.


Education is key to breaking through the poverty cycle. Unfortunately, the cost of sending children to school is often prohibitive for parents. Therefore, we sponsor children to attend school by paying for their school fees, uniforms, clothes, school bag, transport and books.

Our Slum Study Centre supports up to 200 children. We now have three slum tuition centres with 75 children studying after school (because the quality of education is so poor), giving children a good start in life.

We run various activities for our Youth Group, including classical dance and art classes. We also have a library service to promote reading amongst youth.

Skill training

Our Job Training Centre empowers economically-disadvantaged people, particularly women, with classes that develop their skills so they can improve their chances at finding employment and breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.

We have successfully run the following classes:

  •       Computer Skills Class
  •       English Language Class
  •       Sewing and Tailoring Class
  •       Beauty Therapy Class


As our charity expands we are employing women as social workers, tuition teachers and wardens which is a great opportunity for them in part-time well-paid work in an environment free of oppression and sexual harassment, which is sometimes present in a male-dominated society.

We have a youth employment service to assist youth in their job search. For the budding entrepreneur, we provide advice and training in starting up small businesses, management and leadership skills. We also provide short-term loans to those wishing to start up a business through micro-financing.


We actively advocate for human rights, equality and social justice in the community, as well as internationally.
We have advocates to provide representation in court or at police station for women who would otherwise be unable to face the system on their own.