Kalyanamitra Fund
For Western and Non-Himalayan Monastics
Restoring Balance
to an
Monastic Sponsorship Programme

In the West there is a kind of spiritual poverty. In the midst of our busy lives, we easily forget what is deeply important. Very few of us have time to fully devote our selves to serving the large percentage of humanity who are oppressed, live in poverty or lack basic standards for a dignified human life. We are inspired by the example of the Buddha, someone who devoted themself to achieving the highest state of liberation from suffering any human being can, but we seldom support people to attain this state and as yet Western coutries do not have well trained Buddhist Teachers and practitioners who are supported by people from their own country. Rather we tend to look to traditional Buddhists as the 'real' teachers and sometimes do not give people from our own land a chance.

Recognizing the importance of having well trained Monastic Sangha who can be teachers from your own country is important for the flourishing and long term preservation of the Dharma (this is stated in the Sutras). We wish to encourage the existence of Non-Himalayan monastics, 60-70%of whom often disrobe due to lack of support. We are currently sponsoring several Buddhist monastics to engage in full time training and meditation. We offer one off scholarships of $3000 (Aust) to monastics who are not supported by the Tibetan System in which they were ordained. We also organize Non-Himalayan monastic dialogue, support, seminars and Dharma Studies where possible. We hope to create a monastery in the West in future where monastics are allowed to train and study for free in the precepts and manner laid down by the Buddha.
Download Venerable Bhikku Bodhi's talk "Whatever Happened to the Monastic Sangha?