Events 2018

AYYA YESHE TEACHING EVENTS AUSTRALIA Learn, grow, make friends, be inspired! Thurs 19 April 7pm Golden Wattle Sangha Lvl 2, Mill Hill Centre, 31-33 Spring Street, Bondi Junction Sat 19 May 7.20pm Fundraising Dinner for Bodhicitta Foundation Leichhardt Tavernaki Restaurant More details here BATHURST and ORANGE Fri May 25 6.30pm  Spirituality, the Sacred Feminine and[…]

Temporary Ordination

  We held a temporary ordination for young girls in the local area over the school holidays. Girls put on nuns robes and took 8 precepts. The girls practiced so beautifully and were like ducks to water in the nun’s life. Many of the girls said they enjoyed the peace of meditation and going to[…]

Equality for Women at the Sakyadhita Conference

FREE, FREE AT LAST! Equality for Women at the Sakyadhita Conference for Buddhist Women Ayya Yeshe, Mahendra Khobragade and Shallini Rangare, all long term employees of Bodhicitta Foundation attended the 2015 Sakyadhita Conference (an organization to empower Buddhist women). The conference topic was ‘Compassion and Socially Engaged Buddhism’. We delivered a workshop about the work[…]

Rise up Toolkit

Tool Kit If you are able to help with the Rise up campaign, here are some tools you can use to help spread the word Press Kit We have put together a media kit for press release. You can download it here: Press Kit Sample FaceBook post Can we change the world? Yes, but we[…]

Nuns alms round

Buddhism In India

Buddhism disappeared in India in approximately the 9th Century C.E. There were many reasons for its demise. The complete teachings of Buddhism from the great Indian monasteries of Nalanda andVikramshila were Preserved by Tibetan Buddhists for Centuries. Now the world is a Global Village, and Buddhism is spreading, not just in Asia, but also in[…]